Second Night In College~

I just told Shaina that I am trying to keep my writing consistent because i’m determined to document the strange and exciting process of entering college. So, against all my will to watch Bachelor in Paradise, here it goes.

Things are starting to calm down because everyone is less anxious to meet one another. There are less rushed students in hallways, less enthusiastic “I’m Arianna”s, and there is a lower level of overzealous laughter in the room. People are enjoying one another’s company, but not in that it is in relief to make friends, but to genuinely enjoy one another.

At the same time that this is the sensitive joviality undulating amongst the dorms, there is also a forbidding and looming anxiety hushing and creeping to us from The Row, like a fog rolling down the streets. The fear of not being able to “hang out” with the girls we like from particular houses is inevitably knocking on our dorms.

Lots of sororities are very enjoyable. All of the women I’ve met today have beautiful, unique, inspiring personalities and stories which i would love to hear more of and immerse myself in their presence. I would be honored to be friends with any of these women. However, Sorority Recruitment is a process, a system, and not everyone will be able to be friends with whomever they so feel to be friends with. Behind the love and respect and mutual communication floating is a science, a game of algebra and computations. The thought that friendship so intangible will be trusted in the hands of a numbers game is worrisome.

Otherwise, first day of class starts tomorrow (or today, because it is 12:13 a.m.) and I plan to kindly-or not-so kindly-report back to you on it.

~I want to be something great,

I want to make something amazing,

I want to help dozens of thousands of being and i hope your support will be there with me.~


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